Enermit is a market leader in development, production, and marketing of chemical admixtures and of various construction materials for the concrete industry.It specializes in production of advanced chemical admixtures for both ready mix concrete (RMC) and precast concrete.

Since 1994 when first established, the company sells its concrete admixtures to leading concrete companies both locally in Israel and abroad.  The company owns a chemical laboratory where it develops unique chemical admixtures based on specific customer requirements, needs, and standards.

Enermit believes that technology and innovation are critical to protect its position as a leader in the market. As part of this strategy, the company developed a unique technology enabling the production of innovative admixtures produced of advanced raw materials to address current and future market needs.
Jacob Weinberger, who established the company back in 1994 is leading the company as the CEO of the company.

Enermit has two major departments: The first is the R&D department which considered as one of the top teams in the concrete chemistry domain,
it employs top talents in chemistry and engineering. The second department is the production department, it employs the operation staff including production line technicians, service engineers, industrial engineers, and other operational/technical professionals.

The Enermit team includes excellent seasoned employees in the fields of engineering, service, production, marketing, and distribution.
Enermit keeps high standards of materials being used, methods of work and service provided to the end customer.
Our professional distribution team is in charge of the entire distribution chain from development through production and all the way to customer delivery.
Our customers enjoy highly professional technical service, efficient logistical operational, and a reliable supply of top-quality admixtures at a competitive price.    Enermit strives to bring innovation to practice, it constantly develops new proprietary technologies at world-class standards to keeps its leadership position.

Modern Technology

Our team uses the latest
technologies to design high-quality
civil objects.

Quality Materials

High-quality materials are the
absolute guarantee of building
dependable facilities.

Modern Equipment

Enermit uses the latest equipment
to create the best products.

Professional Team

We are a team of experienced civil
engineers working to build a
better world.